High School Parents and Students:

As we implement standards-based grading at Morrison this year, you will still be able to check your student’s grade in both the PowerSchool app and Powerschool website. However, each have different capabilities. The PowerSchool app can provide a quick “snapshot” view of all student course grades. The app cannot, however, show a more detailed breakdown of individual course grades. You will find helpful instructions and screenshots below in order to help navigate PowerSchool menus and find the information you need pertaining to your student’s grade.

*Note: Morrison does not have the ability to change PowerSchool app user interface in the same way that we can impact website user interface so your experience on the app is likely to be different. We’ll share more information on app use in the near future.

PowerSchool website views

Website course grades “snapshot”: When you first log in to PowerSchool, click the tab labeled “Grades and Attendance.” This tab will give you a quick overview of the grades in each class. This view is similar to what you can see in the PowerSchool app.
Website individual course view: From the image above, you can then click on the letter grade of an individual course and see a more detailed breakdown of assignments and standards for that course. When you click on a letter grade for a course, you will see the view below. This view will show assignments, scores, dates, and assignment categories.
Website standards tab: The view above provides quite a bit of important information regarding your student’s grade and their assignments. It is important to also check your student’s performance on individual standards. This can be done by clicking the “standards grades” tab. Student performance on individual standards accounts for between 75% and 95% of the overall course grade. It is important to check progress on these standards. The images below show these views.
Click the arrow next to a course to show details of the standards and you will see a view similar to the image below.
Our Guidance Counselor, Mr. Hsu , will go over this again at the next CC Cafe on October 3rd, 9:00AM in the cafeteria.  Our Learning Coach, Mr. Egeler, will also be there if you have any questions.
Mr. Bradburn